Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 23

103.8 lbs.

I'm so relieved.

Yesterday I had 1 Amy's Bistro Burger (110 cal), 1 cup Fiber One Cereal (120 cal) and 1 slice of bread (70 cal) for a total of 300 calories.

And I did two #2's. It was probably all the crap I ate over the weekend.

All in all it's a good start :)

Don't know if any of you remember this but about a month ago I had written that I hadn't gotten my period in about 2 months... Now it's been 3. I keep waiting and waiting for it but OMG I haven't had my period in 3 months!!

I'm 100% sure I'm not pregnant and I'm doubtful that it's because of my weight. I normally get my period every 1 1/2 months so I thought it was just being irregular as usual but it's been 3 months >< I really don't know. Tell me what you guys think!

I stopped getting my period around the time that I started really restricting but I wasn't eating *that* much before then so I think it's coincidental? Plus I frankly weigh way too much for "weight loss" to be a cause. I've also heard that eating "normally" after restricting for a long time will often prompt your period but considering how many times I've binged I know this can't be the case either.

What other reasons can there be? Am I deficient in something? Is this serious enough that I should be demanding an appointment with an ob/gyn like right NOW? Actually I don't think I could meet one anyway until the end of December but I just don't know how much of a problem I should be assessing this as.

*VictoriaCrimson - Awww thank you, you're always so motivating! I know I can always count on you :D
*miss alisha - Gasp, it's amazing how we're always around the same weight! Don't worry you're going to lose quicker than you can believe on 246!!
*Kate - It appears that you are completely right hahaha. A 2 lb loss in one day is definitely not logical unless it's attributed to "poo weight"! I hope we both can get to our pre-Thanksgiving weights soon!
*Isobel - IT'S OK! One day in the large scheme of things is not going to hurt you and 246 really is a foolproof way to lose weight! I can't believe tomorrow is December either... We WILL get through it together!
*Mich - Oooh I'm glad! Apparently it has been working well for you so I know I have someone to look up to when things are going hard ;)


  1. At track last year, my friend mentioned that she hadn't gotten hers for a few months either- while not underweight, or superthin, she was on the lighter side and got it back within the next 2 months without an issue. Then again, one time when I successfully completed a 1-week waterfast (no idea where the fuck I got that awesome motivation) I didn't get it that month, even though I had been eating normally up to and following it. Sometimes these things just happen, maybe your body is confused as to why its flow of nutrition is varying so much?

    --Anytime, girlfraaan ;]


  2. i looove amy's! low cal food, all i have to do is put in the microwave, no cook= perfect :) i'm not sure what's going on with your period, my cousin is 20 years old, perfectly healthy but is thin and runs a lot, she doesn't have hers. it probably has something to do with the restricting or weight loss, but i really have no clue. i wish mine would go away, cramps suck.. haha xox

  3. Hey girlie,

    I'm so happy for your loss!! Good job! I think the period thing is most likely related to your restricting. I think if you ate normally for like 2-3 weeks it would start coming back. But who wants to do that anyways? lol.

    Also, I've seen Amy's foods and love them but I've never seen the burger patties that you talk about. What do they look like and are they good enough that I should invest time in finding them? I love Amy's enchiladas and pasta sooo....maybe? Also what do you think about fish? Is it better to eat than meat or would meat be better in the long run? idk. =)

    Do you ever feel like you're more prone to binge at night. I feel like I've done so well all day and then my willpower just cracks. Do you get this or does your "binge time come earlier"? My plan now is to just try to avoid campus food places as much as possible. Which sucks because I work there, like I told you.

    How's your plan going? Are you gonna make your deadline? I totally know you can!

    Good luck!

  4. Haha yay for poo! I would take a pregnancy test just to make sure, and different people can stop menstruating at different weights- I think it is probably due to the low amount of fat, even though you might not think so! Good luck hun!

  5. Yay for 103, and you did awesome yesterday!

    I haven't gotten my period since June. :/ I wasn't underweight then, and definitely not pregnant, so idk what happened. I went off the pill in June and it was supposed to be only for a month--doc said to start taking the new pill after I got my period but I just never got it. Should prob go to the doc, but I kinda don't want it back.


  6. Wish i knew what to tell you about the period thing...i would think it is from low body fat, as was mentioned before, especially of you know you aren't pregnant. i haven't had a period in...forever...but that's 'cause i'm OLD!!!!! (Ugh, 49!)

    Gah, my weight is ALL over the place...i'm somewhere between 5'5" and 5'6" and one day it's 115...then it's 119...then it's.....fattyfatfat...!

    Sounds like you've got a plan...great! i can learn so much from you young folks! ;)

    PS Sorry, TMI!