Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 4

YAY 101.8 lbs!!!!! It's just a matter of time before I reach 100 again! Well, as long as I don't fuck up... again :p

300 calories today!
-1 cup Fiber One Cereal (120 cal)
-5 egg whites, boiled (85 cal)
-1 cup Trop50 Orange Juice (50 cal)
-1 medium peach (38 cal)

Total: 294 calories
Fat: 2.5g
Carbohydrates: 73.5g
Protein: 22.8g

Yum :) I haven't had my usual "routine food" in awhile! It feels good to be back on track! Plus I've gone 54 hours without solid food as of now and I'm not in the binging mood which is also super great.

Hahaha oh and I loved all your boob stories, it seems that they're either too big or too small! If only we could average them all out XD


The Abercrombie thing turned out to be incredibly annoying. So I take the subway there (that's $2.25!) and it turns out they canceled the interview today without letting anyone know. There were like 5 people behind me who came for the same thing too. Man... Anyway I had to reschedule for next next Monday. I didn't want to pay another $2.25 again (that would have been almost $5 for nothing!) so I walked about 50 NYC streets and 4 avenues. Which is what, 3+ miles?

Took me about an hour to get back to my apartment. I'm a pretty slow walker huh. My excuse is that I was tired and had no energy so there! Not that it matters to anyone hahaha. As for the jeans thing... My roommate gave me her smallest pair and I could put them on and take them off while they were still zippered and buttoned. This definitely made me feel a lot better, especially since I think she looks really tiny!

However this weekend is going to be pretty bad, I have to go home tomorrow after class so I can "properly" celebrate my mom's birthday. I'm planning on making miyukgook (Korean birthday soup) with my sister which won't be too bad since it's basically just seaweed, broth and seasoning. Instead, I'm worried about the cake. It wouldn't be such a big deal except that I am LITERALLY the only person who ever eats it because I'm a fatty who can't stay away from sweets while everyone else in my immediate family couldn't care less (even my dad!).

BUT NOT THIS TIME!! Since I can't avoid getting a big piece (my family knows me too well...) I'll just have to take a bite and mush the rest up so it just looks like the cream is left (which they know I don't eat). Then the next problem is that I will probably have to stay until at least Saturday which means two days of home food and temptations. Not to mention that I won't have my Scale of Truth with me which means using the crappy one at home. Great :(

I suppose the best I can do is try to eat only one or two meals in front of my mother and say I ate a lot other times. And of course I'll leave fake evidence behind hehe. Sigh, well I'm still going to be expecting a weight increase by the time I can get back to my apartment. I must be 101 by Monday no matter what though!

I hope everyone is doing well <3


  1. Damn, well, at least NYC is beautiful and exciting and wonderful! I'm a city-girl, haha. I would have just ADORED the walk. Plus you probably burned a TON of cals. I hope everything goes okay with the family thing. I know, with birthdays you always feel expected to eat...Please stay strong, lovely! I want to hear about how you've reached 101 by Monday! That's gonna be my goal, too.

  2. That Korean Birthday soup sounds good :) I looked up a recipe for it online just now. Might veganize it and try some myself. Seaweed has great health benefits and I like to try to do SOME healthy things :D

    Sorry about the A+F thing didn't happen! That is so screwed up and unprofessional of them to not let people know! Anyways, hope it goes well for you on Monday!

    And GREAT job on the weight loss!!!

  3. I always get so jealous when I see how close you are to 100. That's my goal right now.

    Your jeans story makes me want to try on my boyfriend's and see if they'd be too big for me. I don't know. I'm afraid they wouldn't be because he's pretty skinny.

    And you'll do fine. Just concentrate on enjoying each bite of your cake. Don't just inhale it because you want to get it over with. I notice that a lot of times I'll eat things I don't want to eat really quickly because I want to get it over with and then that makes me binge because I think, "Well, what's the point now? I already ruined it. " Bad, lame thinking, I know. Anyway, I'm sure you'll do great. :D

  4. Mhm! Well: A) yes, thanks so much, i do do do do appreciate that =]
    B) dude, what meanie pantses. canceling the interview without letting anyone know? Jerks.
    C) Ahhh, birthdays. Blessings and curses, just like Christmas, haha. Do yourself proud!


  5. you'll totally be 100 in no time love! sorry about the interview, but the walk sounds nice, at least to me. when you live in the suburbs a walk in new york city sounds pretty awesome :) i've actually never had sea weed... i know right? but i've heard lots of good things about it lately, so maybe i'll try it. good luck with the birthday weekend xox <3

  6. Oh darling you are doing so well. Your committment is so inspiring. I feel like a walrus......