Thursday, November 4, 2010

63rd hour 101.0 lbs. Hot damn. I have finally finally FINALLY reached my 1st goal weight :) And now I can go fix my admittedly crappy looking nails ahaha.

I'm super glad I haven't gone into the whole extremely dizzy/nauseous/can't stand straight phase that I did from the last fast but I do feel very weak. I'm walking around like an old woman now, nobody had better make sudden movements around me! I am however experiencing heart palpitations again which I know are no good :/


Ok spoke too soon. Right after I wrote all that I went through the dry heaving fiasco again and everything >_> I just barely managed to open the bottle of honey, stick my finger in it and shove it in my mouth (I swear, it was nothing dirty lol). But it's pretty amazing, I only had very little, like maybe 1/4 of a teaspoon and I felt immediately better. Crazy! Glad I did my research :) I wonder how people ever survived without internet hmmm.

I have school from 3:30-8:30 tonight but I think I might skip my first two classes and just attend my 7-8:30 class... I NEED to finish this fast and I don't want to risk *anything* happening that may prevent me from doing so. This way, at precisely 6pm I can have have some orange juice which will hopefully give me enough energy to make the 30 minute subway commute, attend class, come back and make it back up the 5 flights of stairs to my apartment. Sounds pretty good to me~

I'm pretty excited to end the fast. Fasting definitely gives me a feeling of accomplishment when I've completed what I set out to do but in all honesty, I'm just tired and cranky and want to eat. I was debating with Isobel about whether we should extend the fast into Friday but I don't know if I could make it. Or I should clarify, my body could most definitely go on for longer but my mind might go psycho instead!

*Charlie - Yesss I was kind of figuring something like that was happening because I lost much quicker the first time around and I hadn't eaten much between then and now. It's so unfortunate :( And thank you for comment <3
*miss alisha - Hahaha I only *wish* I could work out but I think I would collapse on the very first squat! But you're right, I will probably forgo fasting for awhile at least until I know my metabolism is up and running again :) And those are great exercise tips, I will absolutely be looking up how to do them as soon as I know I'm capable of doing them hehe~ 1 lb to get to the doubles whee!


  1. OMG!! YAAAAAAAAY! I'm so thrilled for you darling!!! You have done amazing. I think, despite what I said, I might stop at 72 too :)

    xxxxxxxxx LOVE! xxxxxxxxx

    ps: did I mention you're AMAZING

  2. Girl you are doing freaking amazing! I am proud of you! Good work, and awesome fast.