Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 14

It's confirmed.

I am DEFINITELY in a plateau :(

I weighed in at 100.6 lbs today. Actually, I'm kind of upset that I even went up 0.2 lbs but I'm going to do my best not to let it get to me.


I'm going to stick to the plan. Even if I feel hopeless and think "fuck it all" I will *not* justify a binge just because my weight loss has stagnated. Plateau's happen and there's no reason for me to get overly worked up about them.

Besides, tomorrow's "weigh-in" day and I MUST be 100, or at least as close to 100 as I can get if I want to stay on schedule! There are only 5 more weeks left and I have 5 lbs to lose!

500 today:
-1 cup Fiber One Cereal (120 cal)
-1 Amy's Bistro Burger (110 cal)
-1/2 medium cantaloupe (94 cal)
-11 almonds (85 cal)
-1 plain rice cake (35 cal)
-6 medium asparagus (24 cal)
-1 small tomato (16 cal)
-1 JELL-O (10 cal)
-2 tablespoons salsa hot (5 cal)

Total: 500 calories
Fat: 12.4g
Carbohydrates: 106.6g
Protein: 19.1g

I really need to stock up on more eggs, anyone else have suggestions on how to increase my protein intake? I might try the Chobani Greek Yogurt, it has crazy amounts of protein for almost no fat and low calories. The only reason I haven't bought it yet is because I quite detest yogurt but I've got to deal. I can't afford to be picky!

I had a very close call yesterday. I smoked some pot with my roommate which I thought wasn't a big deal since I never get high off of it but I had CRAZY munchies afterwards. The only reason I didn't binge was because there was literally nothing to binge on hahaha. So yay :)

Much love to you all, I'm off to write another paper and study for my dreaded Organic Chemistry test!


  1. Yaaaaaaaay! Greek yogurt is completely different than normal yogurt. It's thicker and tastes a little bit more sour? But it's sooo tasty with fresh fruit. And you can get it fat-free as well. So stick THAT to your protein!

    Plateaus can be broken with a day of fasting and then light eating the day after. But AWESOME JOB with not munching! It's a feat, I know that =P


  2. Good luck for o-chem, that shit is hard! I do a lot of beans for protein. Yum.
    Just be patient with the plateau, I know it is hard. It will bust eventually, just don't let it get you down!

  3. i hate yogurt, i think it's so nasty. but greek yogurt's a really good source of protein, that'll be good for you! i'm sorry you're in a plateau, i definitely know what that feels like :/ hope things get better, xox

  4. yah im stuck in plateau too. but the docs want my plateau to move UP not down. at least im not going up ... thats my mantra.
    Let's get off this plateau together! im having a free-ish day today, just so that i can get better results at the docs tommorrow - and ive planned a weighted hairband tommorrow, so either way, i'll be adding on an extra .5kg :) ha.

    best of luck to you at busting this plateau <3

  5. Good luck on your exam! I do not miss those O.Chem days at all!

    Greek yogurt is a lot better than regular yogurt, in my opinion. I hardly eat the regular stuff anymore. Stay strong, and you'll blow past this plateau in no time! xoxo

  6. I'm not a big yogurt fan but over time I made myself like it. Add honey and cinnamon to sweeten it a little and something as a topping (like nuts, fruit whatever!)

    Soon you'll start to like it I promise :)

    Don't worry about your plateau sweety, you're doing so well and I am so proud! xxxxx