Tuesday, November 2, 2010

THANK THE LORD I'm only up to 102.8 lbs. I seriously thought it was going to be AT LEAST 103. 7 hours into the fast. I'm incredibly motivated right now, I know I'll make it through the other 66 hours. I'm already getting head rushes when I stand up too fast. It is incredibly relieving!

Anyway, I've definitely calmed down from the previous post if you couldn't tell haha. But really, the only good thing about binging was that I did a #2 twice which is a miracle since I've only been going like once a week recently. Sorry if tmi but it can't be helped :D

Btw I received a sign yesterday to stop eating - but did I pay attention? Nooo I didn't! I was cutting up my pizza with a fork and knife like the good slow eater that I am and towards the end of the 1st slice the fork completely snaps and cuts my finger pretty bad. What do I do? I get up, get another crappy plastic fork, hold a napkin against my finger to soak up all the blood and continue eating like it's nobody's business. Sigh.

A friend I haven't seen in awhile wants to meet up tomorrow and either "grab food or just chill @ ur place". Well. We all now what I'll be suggesting! If she still wants to eat I guess I'll say I already ate at school or that I don't have any money... But I think the 1st option is probably safer right? There are too many loopholes with the 2nd and I absolutely can't risk it!

I've also been slacking in the exercise department. It's no use being thin if I'm not toned! I don't want to be a "sagging" kind of skinny if you know what I mean! So far I've done:

-4 sets dumbbells
-100 squats
-100 crunches
-100 leg lifts
-100 single leg lifts (per leg)

Anyone have suggestions about other calisthenics? I've given up lunges because my calves are huge enough and I am literally incapable of doing sit-ups and push-ups. It's pretty embarrassing so don't tell anyone! XD

I've been thinking very hard about what I want my reward for 98.5 lbs to be and I've finally got it: Doc Marten's! I've been wanting a pair foreverrr but I could never really justify the price. I think getting in the double digit's warrant it though~ Now the only question is what color I should get them in!

I'll try to update this post every 6-12 hours or so, it helps me stay on track :)

17 hours in, 102.4 lbs. Losing 0.4 lbs seems to be pretty consistent every 6-12 hours with me. It's a good thing :) However I absolutely must *pass* 101 by Friday!

*Isobel - My scale *does* make me go crazy but after my last scale broke (darn all the people who had to weigh themselves every time they saw it) I had to make sure I got a super duper awesome scale that is solar-powered so I never have to change the battery and is supposed to be crazy accurate. I figured I may as well splurge on it since I was going to be using it VERY often haha. I hope you're doing well!!
*Spacecadet18 - It all started because I bought TWO slices of pizza instead of one. I swear, if I had just controlled myself and only gotten one I wouldn't have been the total mess that I was :( It all goes downhill once I start...
*miss alisha - Buying food is like a big deal to me so if I buy it I feel obligated to eat it even if I'm full or clearly don't *want* it. Frustrating!! Still. I have no right to make excuses!


  1. Your exercise sounds good! I'm basically doing the same - pilates is really good for toning :)

    I put on a lb over night :(

    But I have my water, and my coffee.

    You can do it!!!!

  2. You're making such amazing progress. Keep updating, you are such an inspiration!
    Hmm, I'm really good with calisthenics. Tricep dips on a chair or bed, tons of abs exercises...There are these amazing glutes/butt exercises: lie on one side, bottom leg bent and make large circles with your leg straight; then do small circles.

  3. Hey girl! Definitely keep posting as much as possible, it will help you stay on track. Toning is great for eliminating flab, but don't forget about cardio. Just not too much now cause your fasting!! You can do this :) You'll get to 98 soon, you're so close!!! xoxo

  4. Someone beat me to it, but I was going to say that Pilates is really good for toning.

    I've heard that before and was interested, but I took it in college this year and I REALLY wish that I would have started doing Pilates earlier in my life. I've lost count of how many exercise programs I've tried. None of them have been as effective as Pilates. Not only do you get results more quickly, you get results with a lot less work. Pilates emphasizes quality of quantity. You can spend all day doing crunches and still not get as good of a workout as you would out of half an hour of Pilates.

    Sorry my comment is so long...ha...I guess I just get really excited.