Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 2

Fasting today. Ok ok I know it seems counterproductive considering what happened last week but I always think of fasting as a new start and it'll only be for one day :)

As for my weight... I'm too embarrassed to reveal it right now :/ So I'm going to have an official weigh-in on the 15th and I must be 101 lbs by then. This way I'll be kept accountable and feel even more obligated to reach this short-term goal. So hurray!

Last nights dinner went alright, could have been better. Ate mostly protein but of course my dad made me cookies which I couldn't resist sigh. Why oh why must my dad be in a baking craze and more importantly WHY did I eat them. The smarter decision would have been to foist them off onto my roommates but nooo.

I paid for it in the scale so I suppose justice has been served. I plan on drinking *lots* of water today. I want to flush EVERYTHING out of my body.

I want to feel empty~~~


  1. I'm fasting now too. (Y)

    And I know of... well not many people who could possibly resist cookies. I know I couldn't, lol.

    Good luck with your day <3

  2. You are the fasting queen! Good luck!

  3. Ha, I'm unofficially fasting now too :)

    And, girl, you don't have an embarassing weight BUT I totally get why you're not posting stats and I'm so not posting them either for a bit haha.

    We fell off the rails. BUT.

    We are back on and triumphant and I will be back to 107 by the 15th. You will be 101 I know it!!

    All the love ever!!! xxxx