Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 16

It's so surreal. I still haven't completely grasped the fact that I have *actually* reached the double digit's.

I also thought I would be happier about it?

Oh don't get me wrong. I'm definitely proud of myself for finally getting here after what has been a very bumpy journey but... Never mind. I can't even explain it myself.

I just need to get to 95 now :D

Although of course I weighed in today at 100.0 lbs sigh. I'm a little disappointed but I'm more glad that the discrepancy is this small which means that yesterday couldn't have been a fluke!

Today is 100:
-1/2 medium cantaloupe

Total: 94 calories
Fat: 0.5g
Carbohydrates: 22.5g
Protein: 2.3g

So... Here's me >< I've taken the suggestion of *miss alisha to post a progress pic... It was super stressful trying to figure out which pose would make me look the least fat but I did my best :/ I wanted to share it here because you have all been amazingly encouraging and supportive, I don't think I could have reached this point otherwise :)

I feel really anxious and paranoid about showing a picture of myself so I'm going to take it down tonight, although in all honesty the biggest reason I can't bear to keep it on here is because it is seriously tearing me apart to see all that fat on my body. Ugh, this picture is ruining the "cleanliness" of this blog and I would rather save it in an obscure folder where I won't have to see it again until I'm skinnier!

P.S. Omg I didn't want to write this but PLEASE IGNORE my stomach/arm/thigh bulges, I know it looks terrible!!

*Picture Removed: Sorry guys, I took it down way sooner then I said I would because I'm too embarrassed by it... Hopefully I won't feel that way at 95? BUT thank you for all of your very kind comments, I really took them to heart :)*


  1. Oh shush, you look great! LOOK AT THOSE LEGS!!!! I'm hella jealous. Seriously, 95 is just around the corner- keep up the faaaantastic work! :D


  2. You are pretty much my thinspo and I've never said that to anyone, so keep up the good work! <3

  3. Wow it's amazing to see someone of the same weight and height but a completely different body shape! I am so jealous of your shape. You carry your weight (not that you have much) so much better than I do. Can we trade??

    Your thighs are so thin. Please please take care of yourself. I actually can't believe how little you're eating. You must be exhausted. I don't know how you're living day to day.

    Take care of yourself.

  4. what stomach/arm/thigh bulges?? you're so thin! very jealous xox

  5. But your legs are amazing! I'd kill for those thighs. OMG, I KNOW the stress of trying to take a good pic to show progress. I take like 5 and spend hours comparing to see which one I should post... In anycase, I rarely end up posting anyway! I've posted a few recently, but I know how hard it is.

    Darling, you're suck an inspiration. Keep going. Visiting your blog, literally, JUST stopped me from going to my kitchen.

  6. Sorry, haha, I meant SUCH an inspiration.

  7. !!!

    Damn it I missed it! I'm so curious now. Guess I'll just have to wait for the 95lb one, eh? =P

    Much love to you <3

  8. Congratulations! I'm really aiming to be in the double digits. It's going to take a lot of work.

  9. OH NOOOOOOO! I missed it! I bet you are beautiful :) xxxxxxx