Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 8

104.6 lbs. I don't know how I managed to weigh exactly the same as my before-home weight but it probably has to do with the fact that I've just finished a 24 hour water fast. Today is 100 calories and to switch it up a bit I'm having:

-2 cups strawberries (97 cal)


SO ANGRY THAT I'M NOT 101 TODAY THOUGH!! My goal for next Monday is 100. I can do it >:( Besides, next Thursday is Thanksgiving = Death. Plus I'll be home again which also = Death.

My parents cook so much food and even when we try to foist all the leftovers onto our guests we still end up with a TON of food that I feel obligated to eat while I'm home. I really don't like wasting food :/

*BIG HUGS TO *Minus Human, *Kate, *liz, *K, and *Isobel!!!

*Minus Human - Thank you so much for your kind comment. Even though I know I eat because my body demands it I still feel frustrated when I can't control this one thing for myself. Your plan really is the smart way to do this, but even so I feel completely helpless when I don't see a decrease in my weight every day which I try to compensate by using more extreme tactics... I hope one day I can truly believe that I am not only beautiful but deserving.
*Isobel - It's so hard not to freak out when I can plainly see how I'm reversing all my hard work ;_; And don't apologize!! We all have responsibilities in the "real world" (lol). Everything is fine as long as you're ok :)


  1. I hate wasting as well but I thought of a better idea. I'm going to feed the birds in the park next to my house! Maybe even the squirrels or whatever stray animal comes around. Perhaps you can do that with your leftovers? Hope that helps! <3

  2. We're going to be ok! Check your email :)

  3. My goal for Monday is 100 too! Good luck girl! I'm dreading Thanksgiving too. And actually hope to be under 100 by then so if I mess up I'm still back at 100 :/ Hope you do well with your goals!

  4. Good luck! I know you can get there by Monday, you're so close!
    Fuck Thanksgiving, by the way. It's just a crappy holiday invented by fat people, for fat people.
    And those freaking people who are naturally skinny and never worry about their weight.

  5. big hug right back beautiful! and yumm, strawberries :) xox