Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 19

I'm fat.

102.8 lbs.

Very very fat.

Ate like a mofo yesterday.

And today.

Played DDR until I couldn't breathe.

Been too cold and too lazy to get to the gym.


I want to go "home" so I can starve and starve and starve.


  1. thanksgiving? its more like no-thanks-giving.
    DDR is awesome! my DDR mat broke. at least you had fun on that, and you probably burnt a whole heap of cals too :)

    thinking of you xx.

  2. So I was hungry, and your post came up, so I clicked it. THIS POST RIGHT HERE INSPIRED ME TO NOT SNACK. I love you for that. Muchasmuchasmuchas gracias, you're so awesome. Go home and kick some fasting asssss :D


  3. i hope you don't think it's creepy that an OLD lady wants to follow your blog. It's just that the feelings are the same...whether one is 12...or 49... or older.

    i really appreciate your putting into words what i cannot. Thank you.


  4. Please believe me. You are NOT fat.

  5. Darling darling, I have been away and so sad :(

    BUT! I have returned :)

    And you are not fat, please only think of this as a set back. Thanksgiving is over!

    I love you xx