Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I have officially determined that I have dropped a bra size. I believe this is a pretty incredible feat considering I was only a 34A. 32A fits when I tighten it to the max but now I have serious concerns that I will eventually be forced to wear sports bra's or simply go in the nude. Unfortunately, neither appeal to me.

I was doomed from birth. Being Asian almost guaranteed that I would have a short stature and of course, when I gain fat my boob size stays the same. What amazes me however is the fact that when I lose weight, I always somehow lose boob-age first before any other area on my body. I don't really have much to spare :( I already could be mistaken for a boy with my super push up's but soon I'm not going to have anything to work with at all!

Ok rant over.

I have one of those group interview's with Abercrombie today which I'm reallllly hoping is going to go well. I usually sound like a fumbling idiot when I'm asked question's that I'm not expecting :/ Anyway, I'm freaking out a little because I want to dress Abercrombie-ish which I know means wearing jeans. Tights, thigh-high socks and leggings are NOT going to cut it. I have with me the one pair of jeans from high school that is not only way too loose but is black which I hear is *taboo* in Abercrombie.

This means borrowing from my roommate. Her jeans are not as loose as the pair that I have but are still roomier than I'm comfortable with. I have serious leg-coverage issues if you guys couldn't tell. I feel best when my legs are naked because I think any layers on top of them make them look fatter. And yes, I know it is counterintuitive and doesn't make logical sense. I dunno, ANY kind of jeans just makes me feel so freaking fat. It makes me even more antsy about the thickness of my calves/thighs/hips/etc.

Arghh I know I'm going to be spending just about the whole interview thinking about how I look too fat to work there (all their employees are tall + skinny + gorgeous...). But I really need this job. I've got $13 in my bank account :/


Day 3

Yesterday's fast went well (approximately 30 hours so far) and today I'm going to be doing:

-2 cups Trop50 Orange Juice (100 cal)

That's right. Today is a juice fast day :) Which I have never done before but am quite confident I will succeed in doing. I have to do whatever it takes to get rid of this weight and fat that's holding me down. This way I'll have 48+ hours of absolutely no solid foods and only 100 calories in liquid. Still debating whether I should dilute my juice or not hmmm.

I promise I won't be fasting tomorrow though haha. Absolutely can't risk it!

*K - GOOD LUCK!! How long are you going for? Don't let the binge-monster catch you!
*morbid.diathesis - LOL fasting queen! Omg I wish! One day I want to do a 10 day water fast :) One day...


  1. I'm Asian, too, I have the same problem! It sucks!

    Good luck with the interview. working at Abercromie would be so sexy, haha. The guys who work there and shop there are hot. Good motivation.

  2. Gah, same with the bra dropping size! Boobs are so damn complicated. GOOOOOOD LUCK AT YOUR INTERVIEW!!!! (and your j.f.) ♥


  3. I love juice fasts! Sorry about the boob problem, mine's opposite. I gain all of my fat to my boobs, and then its the last place to get fat to leave... which is gross, I feel like I just have bags of fat stapled to my chest. bah. But Good luck with the interview! Abercrombie would be such an inspiring place to work.

  4. We're roughly the same height and weight but I have the exact opposite problem. I'm an hourglass so I'm a 28F bra size!

    It is not good. I would trade with you any day! I would absolutely love to have small breasts. Grass is always greener eh?

    I totally agree with the 'bags of fat stapled to the chest' description Kate. In fact, mine is less like fat now and more like deflated balloons. Or fried eggs nailed to a wall. Haha.

    Good luck with your interview: I know you'll do great.

  5. I'm an Almost A's awful...and good all at the same time. No boobage. I wear a lot of padded bras. Padded in that they make me look like a full A cup. Lol. Good luck with that interview!

  6. I have the same boob phenomenon...they stay about the same when I gain weight but are always the first part of me to get smaller when I lose. Lame-ass.

    Good luck with your interview...I wonder why black is taboo there...not perky enough or what?

  7. good luck with the interview! i want a job there but my school work takes up too much of my time at the moment. my friend works there and looves it though. i have the same problem with jeans! i hate them, and when i absolutely have to wear them, i wear loose ones. i hope you find a good pair to wear, xox

  8. i feel immature. Im 15, and i dont know my bra size. i think my mum's paranoid about me growing up, and thats' why control is such a big issue with me. Argh no... i just wasted one hour on the computer when i had planned to do some cardio... damn.