Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 10

Well yesterday was interesting. Let me tell you, almonds are *not* what I thought they would be. It was the 1st time I tried them and I got through half ok but then I was forcing myself to eat the rest because it just tasted bad. Towards the end I was feeling nauseous and my stomach was churning.

I finally gave up when there were 7 left (about 51 calories) and ended up forgoing the flaxseeds in favor of 3 small pieces of chicken and about a handful of rice. So I had an allotment of about 120 calories for the chicken and rice which I'm pretty sure I didn't go over.

All in all I consider yesterday a success and I now weigh 102.8 lbs :) Woohoo for a loss of 0.6 lb! Today is 500:

-1 Nature Valley Peanut Granola Bar (170 cal<--yes I'm crazy, stupid peanut butter craving)
-1 1/2 tablespoons dry roasted flaxseed (80 cal)
-3 extra large strawberries (26 cal)
-11 almonds (85 cal<--I have a shitload left to eat unfortunately -__-)
-1 medium tomato (22 cal)
-2 large asparagus (10 cal)
-1 medium peach (38 cal)
-1 small grapefruit (64 cal)

Total: 495 calories
Fat: 93.2g
Carbohydrates: 66.6g
Protein: 14.7g

I can explain the extraordinary amount of fat I swear!! It's all because of that stupid granola bar!! I'll be better next time I promise ;_; It doesn't matter if I eat fewer calories because as long as most of it is made up of fat I'm not going to get anywhere...

Thank you *Isobel, *Kat, *Zoe♥, *morbid.diathesis, *miss alisha, *Posie, *liz and *anna~ for your lovely comments :)

*morbid.diathesis - I have no idea (I'll be having it today) but apparently the kind I got can be eaten raw sooo this is me experimenting :) I hope its a hit and not a miss like the almonds were agh!
*miss alisha - Oooh thank you for the Carb/Fat ratio! I usually NEVER have this much fat when I'm consciously restricting but this has been a pretty weird week. As for your binge, we have all been there and I know its a terrible, terrible feeling. It's been a few days now since then, maybe the scale won't be too horrible? Good luck!!
*liz - I was actually warned about the almonds by my roommate (who said they just made her feel sick and get headaches) and I obviously should have listened haha. I'll let you guys know how the flaxseed is :)
*anna~ - Ahh, maybe I should clarify, even though I have a thigh gap its pretty tiny (maybe 1/2 inch?) but its how I judge whether I'm horrendously fat or moderately fat! I'm sure you look beautiful AND thin even if you can't see it <3


-1 Nature Valley Peanut Granola Bar (170 cal)
-0.17 tablespoons dry roasted flaxseed (9 cal)
-3 extra large strawberries (26 cal)
-11 almonds (85 cal)
-1 medium tomato (22 cal)
-6 large asparagus (30 cal)
-1 medium peach (38 cal)
-1 Kellogg's Nutrigrain Strawberry Cereal Bar (120 cal)

Total: 500 calories
Fat: 118.5g
Carbohydrates: 71.4g
Protein: 14.3g

Holy crap the flaxseed was AWFUL. It cost me like $7.50 but I threw it out without a single ounce of regret because it was just that terrible. I practically stuffed my mouth with the Kellogg's Bar to get the taste out of my mouth ew. Anyway, my grapefruit went bad (nooooo...) so I altered today's plan a little.

Sigh and yes, a ton more fat and not enough Carbohydrates and Protein. I suck. Well, I've been trying to eat everything in one sitting so that I can start my 24 hour water fast immediately after yay :) I NEED to be in the lower 102's by tomorrow!


  1. Haha, aw this reminds me of when I tried to do a detox and drink KALE JUICE bleh. Worst taste ever and I made it even worse by eating a load of chocolate to make the taste go away :)

    I get that we should all try eat healthy and balance food groups and get five a day and drink our 8 glasses and have complex carbs and eat superfoods, but really?

    Fruits, veggies (the ones you like), lean protein like some nuts or tofu, and wholegrains.

    I cannot be bothered with the rest!!

    That said raw 'chocolate' is most definitely a health food and it is bliss!

    Love love love xx

    PS 102.8?! You are shrinking right in front of me :)

  2. You can and will do it! <3 Such gorgeous numbers, so itty bitty =D Makes meh happeh to watch =]


  3. Aww! Flax is actually really good but it's meant to be mixed with things. That's why I was kind of confused! lol :) I like to put it on soy yogurt or put it on salads to add some extra nutrients. Also if you grind it up and mix it with soy milk it works as an egg replacer when making desserts and such :) Sorry you had such a bad first experience with it! Don't give up on it just yet!

  4. what is flax? almost everyone posts something to do with flaxseed recently and i'm so curious! sorry about the almonds! the only almonds i can eat are the flavored ones which are loaded with cals:/

  5. I feel like I missed a year in your life! Questions- what's the whole forcing flax and almonds on yourself for? And WHY ARE YOU JUST SO AWESOME!? You are indeed shrinking before our eyes. Bravoooo :D


  6. I only like my almonds with chocolate, so I know what you mean! Up the percentage of protein for sure hun, and carbs, your brain can only eat sugar after all!

  7. Oh my God, oh God, over 100 grams of fat. Girl, please, don't do this to yourself, it's self-destructive. I'm being serious, I'm really concerned. I think a healthy amount is 65 grams. But that for someone who eats 2000 calories a day. Think about that. :)
    But it seems to me like you're losing weight! Good job, girl! How's the exercise going? I recall you asking about calisthenics. Got a workout plan?