Monday, November 1, 2010

Sighhh 102.0 lbs. You guy know how I feel about ___.0 lbs right?? Can't say I'm too surprised though. 6 more pounds to go before my UGW! Here's a goal schedule I made up to help me stay on track:

-11/5 >101 lbs
-11/8 >100 lbs
-11/11 >99 lbs
-11/17 >98 lbs
-11/21 >97 lbs
-11/25 >96 lbs
-12/1 95 lbs

There is an order to this I promise haha. This way I can spend the month up to my birthday working on maintaining. Yay :)

Today is a Free Day. This means I will let myself eat what I want in CONTROLLED portions and definitely not in excess. I wanted to stay below 800 calories or at the very least 1000 calories MAX but I think if I count calories today I'm just going to feel worse about it in the end. Anyway, the point of today is to get my cravings out of my system so that I won't have any excuses to mess up the 72 hour water fast.

On the menu:
-2 slices of pizza (ideally 1)
-1 small serving of fries
-handful of mini sugar donuts
-1 small package of chocolate crackers
-1 banana

No more! I'm already estimating the calorie count in my head >_> Eating more is not worth the stress it would bring me! I will expect that my weight will go up to the 103's tomorrow although I'll be devastated if it reaches 104... However 105 would be death. Arghh look at me I'm already freaking out about this.

Oh yes but the totally amazing 72 hour water fast is starting at midnight! I've got my honey ready :D I'm looking forward to the weight loss!

I FORGOT TO MENTION but I've lost 6 lbs in the month of October. Not bad I say, not bad :)

*miss alisha - 246 is great! It's really effective, I'm just way too impatient to keep with it anymore :0 And I HATE plateau's, it takes forever to get out of them and it can be so discouraging :(
*Isobel - Muffin tops are one of my worst nightmares. My phobia of wearing jeans in public is also getting a little ridiculous honestly haha. And thank you! We'll definitely lose way more in this coming month though ;)


  1. That's a great plan to have the fast and the allowance day together! Good luck darling, you'll do great :)


  2. Oh lovely, I'm kind of glad I have such a crappy scale, otherwise I would end up going crazy over _._lbs :/

    Fear the muffin top!! Maybe next Halloween we'll be skinny bitches dressing up as scary muffin tops! haha that would be jokessss.

    I like your idea of a free day, I'm playing it loosely too.

    I have 9 hours to go!


  3. I just noticed (yes I'm reading your old posts like a weirdo) that you achieved your first goal on the schedule right on time :)

    Bring on November 8th!! xxx