Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 17

99.6 lbs. I'm crying as I'm writing this blog post haha... I just... I can't believe I've made it to the double digit's you know?

Tonight I have dinner plans that I couldn't get out of without looking like a complete asshole. I hate having to choose between friends and *not* eating :/ Sigh well regardless, I'm not sure where we're eating yet but I'm definitely pushing for sushi so I can order sashimi and pick off the rice.

I'm supposed to have 300 but I guess I'll just have to settle for not eating until dinner. I'm kind of pissed that I have to do this on the very last day before I go home. Ugh thinking about home and Thanksgiving and having extended family over is way more stressful than it should be.

The only good thing about today is that we're going clubbing after dinner and you can bet I'm going to be the craziest dancer in the whole joint! Oh and as a reminder to myself: NO ALCOHOL! Dinner is bad enough but I don't need to give myself any additional useless calories.

However *IF* in the case that it absolutely cannot be avoided, I must then drink as much and as fast as I can in order to THROW IT ALL BACK UP. I haven't had alcohol in months, I'm a girl, I'm short and I'm effing 99.6 lbs. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm down and out after 2 shots of vodka. And I know that by the time I vomit most of the calories would have been absorbed already but jeez, if I'm not smart enough to avoid alcohol in the first place then I might as well get plain stupid with it!

Anyway. I finally have the time to reply back to all of your comments yay! I finally handed in all my papers, my assignments have been completed and my Orgo test was yesterday. Actually, I have a book to read by Monday and another project due on Tuesday but let's worry about that until the last minute in true ME STYLE!

Thank you to *VictoriaCrimson, *Kate, *liz, *anna~, *Sottile and *Isobel, you are all so freaking adorable!! I love how you were all getting into Greek Yogurt hahaha. I will definitely be adding that to my shopping cart the next time I get groceries!

*VictoriaCrimson - Haha even though I passed my UGW from September those cookies were totally not conducive to reaching my current UGW! Darn my sweet tooth!
*Lilah Lee - Oh man I love those big ass cookies too, don't worry you're not the only one! And I'm glad *someone* was entertained by my spastic writing XD
*Thin_Envy - Aww we all have days like that, and it really could have been much worse! It's hard for me to stop when I get started so I'm jealous of your self-control!

To *Posie, *Courtney, *liz, *VictoriaCrimson, *Lilah Lee, *K, *miss alisha, *bony bunny, *Sottile and *anna~: Your comments were just as short as my post but they truly mean MORE to me then that one number. I'M IN LOVE WITH ALL OF YOU <3

*VictoriaCrimson - I hate my calves and thighs >< Probably the only acceptable part of my legs are my knees lol!
*Runs Alone - Aw I'm flattered you would say that but I don't think I'm thin enough yet... If you saw me full-front I'm sure you would change your mind haha.
*Minus Human - GAH I have an awful body shape, even though I have problems with my lower body I clearly hold most of my fat on my stomach, arms and huge shoulders! I would gladly switch with you if I could! I used to be tired all the time (I still am) but I think I've learnt to deal with it better? And I don't usually succeed in eating so little, I just happen to be on a very good streak these past few days :) This won't be the case for Thanksgiving though x_x
*liz - I know the picture isn't up anymore but maybe I should have edited it to show the fat bulges... Plus I purposely made the picture as small as possible to make them harder to see but they are definitely there :(
*miss alisha - Thank you for proposing the picture idea to me, it *was* very hard to put it up (and I obviously couldn't even bear to keep it on here for long) but now I feel all the more accountable to do better :) And YAY I'm glad you were able to avoid the clutches of the kitchen hahaha.
*K - LOL sorry about that, maybe if you tell me a time I could re-post it for maybe 15-30 minutes so you could see? But don't worry, there WILL be a 95 one too, I'll make sure of it!
*bonesskinperfection - Thank you! I know you've been having a hard time lately but I'm sure things will get better for you soon <3 Stay well!


  1. :D Awwww tears of joy! So I started reading your blog from the beginning, and let me tell you. Totally made my outlook on the day SO MUCH BETTER. And I totally love you for that. Thank you!! You're super insanely inspiring. ♥ Keep up the fantastic work!


  2. I can believe it! I always believed it! You are so much stronger than me! Oh darling you actually made it! And so long before Christmas! You rock my socks off I have to say.

    Ugh, I have to get there too! I will one day I will! Darling don't ever get disheartened again - you MADE it!!!

    All the love in the universe and more,

    Isobel xxxxxxxx

  3. It's so cute how you write to everyone. Thank you! Ha.

    I'm worried about Thanksgiving too and I totally get what you mean about drinking alcohol. I know I'll have to have at least one alcoholic drink on Thanksgiving, but I want to limit it to that one and not get drunk. Getting drunk usually leads to a binge, and even if it doesn't, there's still a ton of calories in all the alcohol.

  4. have fun tonight! so proud of you and your double digits, you go girl! and i also love how you reply to the comments, i never get around to doing that but i should, i really appreciate your comments too :) and i know how you feel about the picture, i hate putting pictures up of myself as well but i think it's worth it in the end, it makes us feel like we have a responsibility to do better ya know? happy thanksgiving! xox