Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 24

This is a disaster.

I feel like the apocalypse has fallen right on my fat ass.

103.8 lbs.


How can this be?? How can I already be freaking plateauing??

I had 1 cup Fiber One Cereal (120 cal), 1 Amy's Bistro Burger (110 cal), a bread roll from Patsy's Pizzeria (~80? cal) and about one handful of Penne alla Vodka (~200??) for a total of around ~510 calories yesterday. I had thought at the time that while it wasn't a good intake it wasn't terrible either but I was apparently WRONG.

Today is December 1st and there are LESS THAN FOUR WEEKS LEFT. Omg ok I need to calm down, it's NOT time to freak out yet!

About the loss of my period, I think it *is* because of the weight loss after all according to what I've researched. The only part I'm not clear about is exactly WHEN and IF it'll be coming back? It's funny, I hate getting my period but now that I haven't had it for awhile I wish I could just get it so that I don't have to worry about it anymore! I'd like to at least have the option of conceiving my own kids in the future you know!

This is a little off topic but there is one question that I absolutely dread being asked when I meet a boy - "What do you do for fun?" It's sad, but this seriously stumps me. I usually pause and then blurt out something lame like "not study" LOL. Honestly, as of right now, "losing weight" is what I do "for fun". But of course I'll sound psycho if I say that!


You know those moments where something just *snaps* in your mind and you decide to do something that is probably impulsive and risky and not really worth it?

Well I've just had mine.

4 day / 96 hour fast.

Turns out I couldn't keep myself from freaking out haha...

I was looking at myself naked in the mirror as I often do. Even though my thighs weren't touching they were closer than they were before Thanksgiving. I had fat rolls hanging over my thong strap. My ass was bigger than I remembered it. My fat was squishing out of the sides of my bra.

All I could think was "Oh my God".

I simply have to stop eating. It's simple. No food for me!

During the last 72 hour water fast I thought I would go crazy if I went for even a minute longer. However, 72 hours isn't good enough anymore. I need to be stronger than that. It doesn't mean anything if I don't keep trying to aim higher instead of stagnating.

Still, I do understand that as far as water fasts go, 72 hours is highly likely to be my limit (at least psychologically). Thus, this time I will be incorporating diluted 100% juice. I'm going to fill one of my empty 1.5L water bottles with 2/3 Trop50 Orange Juice and the other 1/3 with water. These 200 calories will be all that I am allowed in a day.

My plan as of now is to go 48 hours pure water and the last 48 hours with the juice. Hopefully this will keep my energy up and I won't feel like lying in bed is all I'm up to doing.

I promise that on December 5th I will be reporting a successful completion of this 96 hour fast. I'm rather excited! I'm going to estimate a 1 lb per day loss so my goal is to be in the 90's again by then :) Yay!

*VictoriaCrimson - Yesss, the body is so weird! I hope you're right and that it's just out of whack for a bit, I don't want to get any health-related problems in the future because of it!
*liz - Amy's is my one true love <3 It's expensive, but if you want low cal low fat healthy organic vegetarian food then Amy's is the only way to go :)
*struggle2bethin - I love the burger patties, actually if you look on the website the Bistro Burger is one of the lowest calorie foods that they make! Amy's is expensive but I think it's worth it in the long run :) Hm, I personally like fish over meat but I think the lean versions of meat are perfectly fine! I suppose my "binge times" are usually later in the day but it might be because I'm rather nocturnal? I couldn't really say :/ And I hope I will too!!
*Kate - It's so weird to think that I may have "lower" amounts of fat that's preventing me from getting my period but I think you're right :0 Or at least I hope that's all it is!
*Mich - Aw thank you, but after getting to 99 the 103's just seem so obnoxiously high :/ Haha yes I know that if I did get my period anytime soon I'll be thinking "Why did I want it again??" XD


  1. You can do this babe! Awesome plan, and let yourself have that juice earlier if you need it though- be safe, OK?! We definitely can reach our goals, I know we can! You sound determined, so stay strong!

  2. I'm in. I'm in in in. It's so on. We can do it!! x

  3. I'm impressed. I know you can do the fast and make it work. Are you planning to use the honey at all this time? Also don't worry about the plateau. I probably wouldn't consider it a plateau unless it's been 3 or more days. For all you know it could be water weight keeping you there. And who likes water weight! lol =). Whenever I can get a change to go to Target or a store I'll buy a couple of amy's burger patties and try them!

    Know you can finish the fast. Keep us all updated though!

  4. Good luck with your fasting! the juice sounds like a great idea :)

  5. I never know what to say to a boy too. And about the period issue...well, it's a choice you're making. If you lose it due to weight loss, so be it. You need to choose b/w thin and babies in the future. I've come to terms with this, and I don't even WANT kids! What's the point of getting thin otherwise? Just take some time, and think about what you REALLY want. It seems to me like you LOATHE the fatness covering you. I feel the same way! Get rid of it. That's my goal.
    Take care, love.

  6. OMG I REAAALLLYYY like your plan =] I love that you're incorporating juice into it and know how many calories you're allotting for yourself. The feeling you'll have after this fast will be so phenomenal :D Goodluckgoodluckgoodluck, lots of love!!!


  7. Good luck on your fast. I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

    About your period... I lost mine for years and only got it back like yesterday. Just be careful it doesn't disappear for TOO long.

  8. I really think you need to book an appointment about your period. Every period missed leads to serious bone loss that can't be replaced.

    I already have ostopenia from years of starving. It hurts like hell and one slip could result in a broken bone. I wish I had gone to get help earlier.

    Please make an appointment. Take care of yourself.