Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 38

Well - I've been eating.

Con: I've gained weight
Pro: My thighs still don't touch

Pro: At least I've plateaued at 104.0 lbs for 3 days now

Con: I'm fat
Pro: There isn't one

If I go up to 105 lbs I may want to shoot myself. However, I've been crapping like there's no tomorrow which may be in part because I've been trying to binge on my Fiber One Cereal.

I'm stressing out. My Orgo Final is tomorrow... I don't know if this is contributing to my sudden complete lack of will power and self-control.

I don't know.

I don't know anything at all.


  1. I mean letssss be honest, Orgo is fucking stressful! So yeah, that's probably the root (or one of them) of the issue. Con: it absolutely blows, for sure. Pro: it'll be over so so so soon, thank goodness! Then you can go home, relax the fuck out of your days, and channel your energy into something other than Fiber One and poop =P SuuuuperGoodLuck tomorrow! You'll do great, just focus and get enough sleep. And relax!


  2. Good luck on your Orgo final! I remember taking that in undergrad, and I would never want to do it again! It probably has a great amount to do with the lack of control you are feeling right now. But at least you are looking at the pros still in addition to the cons. It helps to try to stay positive :) You'll get your control back once your exam stressing is over xoxo

  3. Another pro: you will be able to better focus on your final with a stable blood sugar!

    Just think, when the final is over and the stress is gone you can completely detox with full control. How amazing will that feel? :)

  4. Yeah, when I had finals, I couldn't focus on both eating/body image AND studying. I know EXACTLY what you mean. When your exams are over, you should be back in the game!