Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day 25

25 days and 1/2 way through the 50 Days to UGW.

24 hours into the 96 hour fast.

102.4 lbs for a loss of 1.4 lbs so far.

I'll try to update again in another 12 hours :)


30 hours in. 102.0 lbs wooo...

It's really annoying that I can never seem to sleep for long when I fast >< I went to bed right after writing this post and I'm already up again sigh. It's so much harder to pass the hours when I actually have to be awake for them hahahaha.

To the commenter's:
Thank you for all of your encouragement! It makes me that much more determined to succeed because I don't want to let any of you down :)

*Minus Human - I think I'm going to take your advice to make that ob/gyn appointment because like you said, not getting your period can lead to future bone problems which I definitely want to avoid!
*sofia - I'm very worried about binging afterwards too but I just hope I can control myself this time! And GOOD LUCK no matter how long you're going for, every hour without food counts :)


36 hours in. 101.6 lbs. 2.2 lbs lost so far and only 2 lbs to go to my low weight :)

The next time I'll be able to weigh myself will be at 48 hours and it would be so amazing if I could reach the 100's!

*Kate - Tums is a really good idea, I remember I tried them in high school and I hated the taste but I will start looking into them again!
*M.Bec - I get those "eating nightmares" all the time too, they can be *very* scary! I wish there was a way to sleep easier without having to resort to pills :/


  1. we're both 24 hours in! yay! although mine is quite a bit shorter than yours, haha. although im really nervous to break it. i dont want to binge. :P.

    good luck and congrats on the loss!


  2. Wooo hooo! 1.4 in 24 hours?!?! Keep it up! =)

  3. wooo! I'm 10 hours in and feeling GOOD!

    1.4lbs? You're on fire darling! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Just a suggestion, I love downing the occasional tum (antacid) when I am fasting/restricting (it does have a few cals... but I don't count it, it might bug you though) because the tums keep my stomach feeling OK, keeps it from growling, which is something that REALLY bugs me, and most importantly: is just calcium, so it'll help you keep those bones OK. Just my 2 cents, I know you avoid the fats and the problem is that we get most of our calcium from things that are also fatty. Tums are not fatty. I got this trick from a friend who had developed osteoperosis at 17.
    Anyways, brighter note- you are doing awesome, keep it up, and stay safe girl!

  5. Wow. I'm always in awe of people who are able to fast and lose so much weight while they're at it. I'm too weak-willed to fast for more than 30 hours...But if I could get results like yours, I might be more motivated to try it!

    About sleeping: I have the same problem! Or at least, whenever I go for around 12 hours without eating, I always can't sleep. I'll wake up every one or two hours, or I'll have nightmares about overeating (thankfully, I always wake up to find that I haven't done anything quite so awful!). Anyway, good luck!

  6. yayy! you're doing so well! 2.2 pounds is so much for only about a day and a half. i wish i had the balls to do that, i just get so damn lazy, all i feel like doing is laying in bed :/ and you'll totally reach the 100's by 48 hours love :) congratss.