Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 26

Oh my goodness.

100.8 lbs and only 48 hours in for 3 lbs lost!

I'm ahead of schedule :D

I've been on top of my exercises these past couple days and I'm sore all over to prove it! My goal is to keep up with these exercises for every day of December:

-2 sets dumbbells
-100 squats
-100 crunches
-100 right & left leg lifts

It's not a lot but the point here is consistency!

This is horrible of me but... I wanted to rip out all the food I saw in people's hands. My very messed up reasoning was that "If I can't eat then you shouldn't be able to either!" Oh so very selfish of me.

BUT there is a huge problem looming ahead of me today... It's my friend's birthday and I *have* to go. The last time I went to a birthday party I literally had people shoving cake in my face until I accepted it. I was really mad that day :/ Just let me NOT eat your stupid cake!

However, my intense worry about eating junk food is overshadowed by the fact that I know I will go absolutely ballistic if I am made to break my fast. Seriously. Like go ape-shit. Ughhh no one had better make a fuss!! My roommate is already suspicious again and she's had a tendency to blurt out that I'm not eating and crap >:(

I'm looking forward to Saturday though, I'm going to see Kaskade!!! :D I am sooo excited for it, I still can't decide if I should dress rave-ish or more clubbing? This is even more of a reason why I can't break my fast, if I wear stomach-baring outfits with my friends then I HAVE to be thin and not ugly bulgy like I am usually!! I'm also not sure if I'm going to have the energy to dance the night away since the 96 hour mark will be right in the middle of it :0

Oh and since I'm not feeling *too* weak right now I've decided to forgo the juice fast for today and just stick with water. I know, I'm too flaky for my own good!

I'll be updating this again later on :)


It is 55 hours in and I weigh 100.6 lbs and I am ending the fast.

I slept for around 4 hours on and off until I finally got up around 5 AM because the hunger was too strong. It was a torturous decision to end the fast early and I feel weak for it but... I'm just glad I made a conscious choice rather than binge.

When I woke up I was still 100.8 lbs but I weighed myself every hour after that until I was 100.6 lbs which is only 1 lb away from my low weight. I felt that I at least owed myself this concession in the case that I was going to eat and break the promise that I made to myself and all of you.

I lost a total of 3.2 lbs. That is much more then I could have hoped to lose in the short amount of time that I didn't eat and I need to take this as an accomplishment instead of feeling like a failure.

I'm eating 1 cup Fiber One Cereal (120 cal) now and I'll probably have 1 Amy's Bistro Burger (110 cal) later on in the day. Not sure if I'll eat more than that but I do know that I am NOT going to eat anything at that party! That's the only part of today that I'm completely confident about :)

It's been an exhausting night - I hope everyone else has slept better than I did <3


  1. congrats on the 3 pound loss!

  2. you got in the 100s! told youu haha. sorry about the birthday, just say you've already eaten or you don't like icing or something. or take the cake and if you can, get rid of it by passing it on to someone else or just leaving it somewhere or throwing it away. that's what i usually do. watch out for exercising/dancing too much during your fast, especially when you go see kaskade (i don't really know who that is.. haha) but fainting is a lot more suspicious than refusing cake, your friends with suspect more if you pass out. i know that's obvious but just be mindful of it :) good luck with your fast! sorry my comment is basically a novel... xox

  3. Just accept the cake without fuss, turn to talk to someone, put it down on the table and then 'go to the bathroom' or something and when you come back talk to someone else and leave the cake!

    Then just join in with general, 'mmm, wasn't the cake good' talk ??

    You are wonderful. Seriously wonderful. I failed!! Oh... but I've started again :) 11 hours down.

    LOVE YOU LITTLE MISS 100 xxxxxxxxx

  4. Congratulations on the loss! :D And I'm so excited you get to go see Kaskade! It'll be great!

    Oh, I know exactly how you feel about the upcoming party. Every Wednesday night, I *have to go to dinner since I go to boarding school and Wednesday night is required "formal" dinner. And they always ALWAYS have cake, icecream, cookies, or pie for desert. So either I have people trying to get me to eat one of those items, or I myself am trying to resist the urge to eat it. ):

    It probably wouldn't work, but could you avoid the cake by giving a "gluttony" excuse? I usually tell people I JUST had cake the other night and that I couldn't possibly eat MORE cake.

    But oh man, great job on the fast! As I sit here eating my rice cake with diet hot chocolate, I envy your will power! If I lost three pounds, I'd be so so close to my GW!

  5. Ooooooooh Isobel's idea is awesome! Definitely keep that one in mind. When my friend and I are in drug stores and she sees candy that she wants to eat, she smashes it up and puts it back on the shelf- she says the same thing, "If I can't eat it, no one can." It's a bitch move, but I find it hilarious =P



  6. Haha, I went to bed at 1 AM and woke up at 1 PM today. Hahahaha. Yes, dear, I slept well. And congrats on the loss! Keep going, babe, I can't wait for us all to be in the 90s! YOU ARE SO CLOSE! For the cake situation, just explain to people that your sweet tooth isn't there today, or you're not in the mood, or my favourite: "I'm trying to live a healthier lifestyle." Good luck hun, I'm with you!