Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 34

Ended the fast (if you can barely call it that) at 28 hours and I weighed 100.2 lbs.

I ate a little from the Whole Foods Breakfast Bar.

Then went to Barnes and Noble to read "Unbearable Lightness" by Portia de Rossi (which was AMAZING btw and I highly highly highly recommend it!).

There's one quote that I want to share because it is exactly how I feel a lot of the time: "I felt that the calories were impossible to quantify and so that meant that the food had no energy or matter so I could eat everything, or because the calories were impossible to quantify, I could eat nothing at all".

When I don't know how many calories I'm eating (as in there's no nutrition label) I always take it as an excuse to eat whatever the heck I want.

I say this because on my way back to my apartment from Barnes and Noble I walked through the Farmer's Market that's held in that area every week. ...It just HAD to be today didn't it.

Anyway, I bought 1 large Gingerbread Cookie, 1 Raspberry Walnut Square, 1 Rice Krispie Cube and 3 small plain donuts.

Darn my sweet tooth.

All these "homemade" style baked goods taste so much better than the packaged stuff. I actually still have 2 donuts and 3/4 of the Cranberry Walnut Square left and it's honestly only because I am unbearably stuffed.

This is tmi (as usual) but I can tell when I've eaten a lot when I need to do a #2 right after eating. Which I did. Poo times are both glorious (only in terms of weight loss and expelling waste lol) and a sign that I ate enough to poo in the first place.

Ugh, I always eat whatever I want on the days when I know I'll be obligated to eat. Grrr stupid birthday dinner, I still have to go to that in a few hours sigh. I seriously have so many binge triggers, I envy everyone else's self control!!

I'm feeling a lot better today despite eating what feels like 139075892378492036 calories in case you all couldn't tell :D It may be partially because I'm only slightly numb now instead of feeling like I'm going to get frostbite?

I'm just glad I'm going clubbing tonight because it's frankly the only real, heart pumping exercise I get when I'm at school!

I haven't weighed myself since I've eaten but... I think I'm going to hold that off until tomorrow morning. I can be upset then.

Today's my first break from papers and classes and finals until next Thursday which is probably contributing to this good mood lol.

Not even my bulging, fat bloated stomach can ruin this positive thing I've got going on which is really saying something!

I hope you're all prepared to hear me go on another self-pity rant tomorrow ahaha.


  1. Okay, I think after your shining praise of that book, I am going to have to buy it :) I have been trying to tell myself I don't need it, because I am trying not to spend a ton of money right now, but I think that book is a must-have. Maybe someone will be selling it used on Amazon already? Good luck at the dinner. I hate the day's build-up to an evening where I know I will have to eat. It makes anything I do that day meaningless, because no matter how well I do, I ruin it all by eating at night. Stay strong xoxo

  2. Agreed with Sottile- it sounded good but your review makes it sound good enough to buy! If not buy, at least spend an entire day in Borders reading. I'm cheap like that... But just like you, that excerpt is so unbelievably relatable- and it sucks!

    But: good luck with the birthday dinner; the poo thing is totally understandable, but I've found it's so much more applicable after a fast; and good luck tomorrow!! :D


  3. I'm read "Unbearable Lightness" right now!

    Stay strong at the birthday dinner. :)
    Have fun clubbing!

    Don't worry about the happens.
    At least it was good junk instead of the bad junk with all of the preservatives and yuck.

    Have a good break. :)