Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I don't mean to double-post in one day but I have been newly inspired and determined by *Isobel, *M.Bec, *miss alisha, *Gina and *struggle2bethin!!!

After writing that last post I proceeded to have 450 calories:

-1 Lightlife Tofu Pup (60 cal)
-1 slice bread (70 cal)
-1 cup 365 Organic Beef and Spinach Ravioli (230 cal)
-1 So Delicious Fudge Bar (90 cal)

Total: 450 calories
Fat: 9.5g
Carbohydrates: 72g
Protein: 22.5g

I could have done better. But it is definitely not the worst that I'm capable of.

It's 9 hours after that without eating and I am... 101.4 lbs. Ugh, if I didn't eat I'm sure I would be lower now. Well, I can't change the past but I can take action NOW.

I'm going to continue fasting until I am in the 100's. I want to say 99 but the risk of me breaking before then is embarrassingly high so I'll take it slow.

I mean it this time. I don't want to be the person who breaks promises anymore. I'm going to do this.

When I'm in the 100's I will eat 100 calories MAXIMUM every 12 hours until I am in the 99's. I may edit this part later on but this is the general idea for now.

I have no obligatory outings except for the birthday dinner on Saturday. I will fast 24 hours before and after it and I will order the healthiest and smallest item on the menu. Chances are we're probably going to an Asian restaurant but if the option of salad is available then I'm snapping it up. Screw anyone else's opinion. We're also going clubbing again that night so I will do my best to keep my body constantly moving.

At least there won't be cake.

However this night may turn out to have a lot of unexpected factors popping up so I MUST be 99 by then.

I can do it I can do it I can do it.

I can't I won't I WILL NOT mess this up.

I can BECOME a stronger person. A person that I can be proud of.

95 is in my grasp. It's close enough to touch.

I'm going to be thin.


  1. You go, girl! I think with all this dedication and perseverance that's showing through in your posts, you'll definitely have 99 within your grasps far before the end of the week :D I can't wait to read the post that says so!!!!!


  2. such determination will definitely get you to 95! and although you dont need it, i feel im obliged so... good luck!