Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 27


100.0 lbs.

Why are you torturing me scale???

Yesterday went surprisingly well. I had the 230 calories worth of cereal and the veggie patty and fasted for 24 hours after that :) After eating I was deathly afraid that I had gained but I *somehow* managed to maintain and today it turns out I've lost! I'm actually more impressed that I didn't binge in the slightest, woo go me! I wanted to fast longer but I really want to keep my energy up for Kaskade so I'm planning on having a "free" day but still sub-500. Who knows how this will go. Rarely do these "free" days end as I want them to :p At least I'll be burning crazy calories tonight!!

Everything went so well yesterday, I still can't believe it haha. First, at the birthday party the cake was made out of ice cream and the venue was going to charge us $25 to store it and eat it there (that's NYC for you) so we didn't end up having it :D Then my roommate and a couple other friends wanted to have dinner but I said I just wanted to sleep (even though it was only 10 PM) and I was able to avoid that as well!

I woke up at around 2 AM after only being able to sleep for around 4 hours again which is when my roommate and friends came back to the apartment after having gone to a party. I suppose I should have been upset about this but I am really relieved I avoided the alcohol! And FINALLY, they all wanted to go out again to a lounge and I adamantly refused to go with them with excuses about how I didn't want to get dressed (remember that I'm usually half-naked at my apartment?). Turns out they weren't allowed in anyway but if they had I would have been able to divert another situation where I would have been pressured into drinking. Hurrah!

My goal is to be 98 lbs by Monday. I'll most likely be doing a 24 hour fast tomorrow, I'm so so close to being back in the 90's!!!


  1. Omg, awesome day! Look at you, with your smooth lil aversions to empty alchy calories ;) You are actually the sweetest thing, sssstop it! Haha alright- we'll both be at little milemarkers on Monday. I at 175 and you at 98. No question, we'll do this. Congrats on not nibbling, as well :D ♥


  2. Congratulations to getting so close to your goal! And also to having such a good day of eating! You will definitely reach the 90's by Monday!

    I'm so excited for you that you get to go see Kaskade! It sounds like it'll be great--also, nice distraction from having to think about food!

    I have to admit, though, that ice-cream cake sounds pretty darn good...If I were you, there's no way I could have resisted. > _ <

    Good luck with the rest of the weekend!

  3. you are perfect! this makes me smile :)

    and - blerggg - ice cream cake is pointless. if you want ice cream it's all about the cone too, and if you want cake it's all about the icing!


    love you darling, you're going to make it! xxx

  4. Ohhh-kay. You're aiming to lose 2 lb by Monday. I think that's gonna be my goal, too. You are such an inspiration, love, don't stop being you!

  5. I must say that when the scale goes down and your not expecting it at all, that's one of my favorite moments.

    However, for me it always promotes a binge cuz I feel like I can eat more and maybe I'll get lucky and it'll go down. It never does.

    How are you doing otherwise? If you get down 2lbs by Monday you'll be wayyyy closer to your goal which means you will probably make it to 90 by xmas!!! yea!!! You can get there!

  6. Hope you see 98 tomorrow. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for both of us. :D