Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 32

I'm bloated.


I binged of course.

I threw out everything that I didn't consume.

My fridge is much emptier now - Thank God.

Another lesson learned: Food shopping binges only enable actual binges.

I was terribly upset, I didn't do as well on my test as I could have because of it.

But I'm tired of feeling sorry for myself.

Yea, I'm fat and I hate myself.

That's old news and today's a new day.

I haven't checked the scale and I'm not going to.

I'll be better. Stronger. In control.

I have one goal. Just one.

I've gotten off track for an entire month now.

I've been gaining and losing the same pounds over and over but NO MORE.

I will gain the peace and the mental clarity that I need to succeed.



10 letters, 2 numbers and 1 me.

No comments please.

As much as I love every single one of you, I need to do this on my own.

Thank you so, so very much <3

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