Saturday, October 16, 2010

Well, it turns out I'm *barely* 5'2". So yay? I weighed in at 106 lbs though. Argh. Can't muster too much resentment, there's really no one to blame but myself.

Went shopping with my mom today so I wouldn't have to pay for groceries myself (I'm really cheap :p) and I got:

-lipton green tea w/ red goji and raspberry
-cayenne pepper (another metabolism booster)
-fiber one cereal (it's damn expensive!)

I'm planning on having the cinnamon with my cereal, but not too sure what to do with the cayenne pepper yet. All I know is that I want to eat it lol.

Roommate's sick. Looks like no potato tonight thank goodness. Fast starts at midnight. Good chance to let my poor body get rid of all the disgusting stuff I've put in it. Kind of want to try a saltwater flush but one of the roommate's are always around so no chance of that happening. Really too bad.

Tomorrow's menu:

Perfect :)


  1. I've seen you around and started following you. I hope thats OK! I love cayenne pepper, I put it on almost anything.

  2. cayenne pepper + vegetables would be good, but I eat weird things sometimes? hah good luck fasting.

  3. Hey love, thanks for your comment! It's nice to find another shorty :) You're so tiny already though 106lbs is amazing!

    We have the same height and UGW right? So we're definitely friends already xx

    Oh I would scramble egg whites and have them with a little cayenne sprinkled on top?