Friday, October 22, 2010

104. One entire pound less. I am so incredibly pleased, but there are still 3 more pounds to go before I reach my first goal weight. I need to keep pushing through.

I've noticed that there is now a noticeable gap between my thighs. I can't wait for it to widen <3 My clothes are also looser, I'm wearing a cute mini skirt that used to fit me perfectly but I've been pulling it down all day because it's so loose and it keeps riding up. Haha I need a belt.

Yesterday's 198 calories went perfectly and today is 400 max:

-1 cup Fiber One Cereal (120 cal)
-1 cup Trop50 Orange Juice (50 cal)
-1 Amy's Texas Veggie Burger (130 cal)
-2 egg whites, boiled (34 cal)
-1 large peach (61 cal)

Total: 395 calories
Fat: 5g
Carbohydrates: 92.5g
Protein: 24.6g

In terms of exercise I've decided to cut out lunges because I think I'm gaining too much muscle in my calves. My worst nightmare would be getting one of those muscle bulges there that NEVER go away. Same goes for those jumping jacks. My goal is to reach 100 reps each (except dumbbells) because I usually get through 50 then I'm exhausted. Not good enough.

I'm one step closer to my UGW but I have to remember that I still have a lot more to go. Already nervous about tomorrow's weigh-in.

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