Tuesday, October 5, 2010

106.6 lbs. I want to be happy but it's such a small discrepancy that I don't feel I'm entitled to... At least not yet. Today's plan is:

-2 cups Fiber One Honey Clusters Cereal (320 cal)
-Amy's Texas Veggie Burger (130 cal)
-8 slices Oscar Mayer Roast Beef (80 cal)
-1 cup Trop50 Orange Juice (50 cal)
-1 large egg white, boiled (17 cal)

Total: 597 cal

I hope it's not my imagination but it feels like my stomach has shrunk a little bit. I wish I could measure it but I sent that tape measure I ordered to my home address. So now I'm torn between going home and getting it while having to eat whatever my parents give me, or just agonizing at school about my body measurements... Ugh.

I've been carrying Wasted by Marya Hornbacher everywhere with me so that I can read it when I have a spare moment. She's such an intense writer and I love how she never wastes a single sentence. It keeps me motivated to keep going because in all honesty, everything that I"m doing does not come even close to what she had to go through. It all comes down to me sucking it up and just staying in CONTROL.

Lately I've been obsessed with vegetarian meals as opposed to meat. I mean, I ate the Oscar Mayer for breakfast and I swear I loved it like a month ago but today I was seriously forcing myself to eat it. I just felt so relieved when I finished the package so I wouldn't have to eat it again another time. On the other hand, I bought the veggie burger just to try it out (it has so much more nutritional value) and I love it!! It's so yummy. I even went out last night to buy 5 other vegetarian dishes to try hahaha. The only problem is that they are super expensive :( Oh well. It's worth it.

Not looking forward to having 800 calories tomorrow.

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