Friday, October 15, 2010

Gained more than half a pound, back up to 105.6. I don't know what it is, I was doing everything perfectly yesterday. Maybe because I only slept for 4 hours? I'm going to have to eat "normally" today which means I'm definitely going to gain. I feel really sad.

I want to go for 0246 immediately on Sunday when I get back but I think I should give 1357 another try. At least for one more consecutive week, and I'll add more green tea into the whole mix. I'm also trying to switch up the foods I eat so here's my new shopping list:

-lipton green tea (high # of catechins compared to other brands)
-cinnamon (helps metabolize sugar)
-grapefruit (it's basically a super fruit)
-peaches (for pectin which limits fat absorption)
-bananas (high potassium boosts metabolism)
-sugar free popsicles (very low calorie treat)
-sugar free jello (same as above)
-Amy's Mexican Tamale Pie (150 cal)
-Amy's Bistro Burger or California Veggie Burger-Light in Sodium (110 cal)

I've already eaten a few peanut butter crackers, an enchilada, a handful of popcorn, and about half a cup of mango sorbet after seeing my weight. What a disaster. What an appalling lack of self control.

So tired.

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