Monday, October 25, 2010

So. I decided to eat my craving foods rather than fast. Who's surprised? Definitely not me. Anyway, I was really disappointed they didn't taste as good as I remember them being. Why is this?? Totally unfair.

Yesterday was definitely a binge day. Ate my sashimi, ziti, and another half box of those freaking Ritz PB Cracker's. However, I would like you all to know that I have thrown the rest out. I cannot DEAL with them being in my vicinity anymore (since my room is in the kitchen/dining room). Doubt my roommate cares, but seriously if I eat one more of those damn things...

I weigh 105.8 lbs today. Down 1/2 lb but still up 2 lbs from Saturday. Drastic measures must be taken so I'm doing a 72 hour water fast. I was going to do two days to make up for my two day binge but since you start burning fat on the 3rd day I figured I may as well lengthen it. However, regardless of what happens, I MUST complete 48 hours. It may be hard to do the 3rd day if my roommates mention something so I'll have to account for that.

There is only one more week left before November 1st which is when I planned to be 101 lbs. 7 day to lose 5 lbs. Possible? Not sure. But I at least have to do whatever I can to make it. I'm forgoing my usual plans for now.

It's time to starve.

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