Friday, October 29, 2010

Oh my gosh I'm down to 102.8 lbs!! So I basically started my 60 hour fast at 105.8 lbs, ended at 102.6 lbs, ate approximately 800 calories, weighed 103.8 lbs, did another 36 hour fast and I'm DOWN to 102.8! I suppose fasting works then? :3 Hehehe.

Anyway, I'll be ending October 2010 with my 0246 plan so today I'm having:
-1 cup Fiber One Cereal (120 cal)
-1 cup Trop50 Orange Juice (50 cal)
-1 egg, boiled (17 cal)
-1 Sugar Free JELL-O (10 cal)

Total: 197 calories
Fat: 2.1g
Carbohydrates: 63.2g
Protein: 8.6g

Starting November 1st I'll be doing 0135. Super excited! I'm thinking I should allow one "free" day each week to eat craving foods (like pizza and fries-so unhealthy I know!) but keep it to below 800 calories. Usually when I restrict I'm conscious of fat/carb/protein content as you can tell so I don't allow myself these other foods. HOPEFULLY, this will keep me from binging.

OH and I've also been thinking about rewards. Obviously I don't want anything food-related but I'd love it if I could get some ideas :) For 101 I was thinking a mani/pedi since my current polish is pretty messed up but I've been too lazy/cheap to get them done again. I'm not sure what to do at 98.5 lbs though. What would be a good intermediate reward?

For my UGW I know that I want to get True Religion Black Stella Skinny Jeans in as small a size as I can fit into. This is a pretty big deal to me because I have literally worn jeans only once in more than 2 years now. Why you ask me? Because I think I look disgustingly fat in jeans. I hate how they accentuate all the fat on my thighs and butt and hips and stomach. Thus, I have not bought a pair of jeans since senior year of high school and I'm happy to say that they are too big for me now :)

Even though my UGW is at 95.5 lbs I only arbitrarily decided that # because it is 17.5 BMI for me which is the borderline between underweight and anorexic. I'd like to state clearly that I do NOT want to be anorexic. I just want to be skinny and I've decided that being skinny means having a 23" waist. So. I guess we'll see what happens?


  1. Ok so you are definitely my hero(ine) right now. WAY TO GO! Fancy packing up some of that will power and sending it to me?

    I need something so drastic. I need to water fast. I've never done it but the results are there, on you! When are you doing it next? x

  2. Awesome job! I seriously need a kick in the butt. May start a fast on Monday.

  3. Those sound like good rewards! I would LOVE to fast with you next time! I think I'll generally be doing weekend fasts, maybe every other weekend do a 3 day fast. I don't know.

  4. Aw, yeah I tried with the Mexican, but it felt like a waste! If I was going to splurge I'd have rather had Vietnamese or Thai food :)

    Monday at 12. It's on! How long should we aim for? I might have to make it liquid not water but I'll try to do 24hr water.

    Excited! Oh and I emailed you so now you know I'm not really Isobel :)


  5. Hey, girl, I saw your link on Isobel's page! I was reading your past entries and I am totally loving your will power. Such inspiration. You're making amazing progress! We're pretty much the same weight, I believe I'm 103 lb, and I'm only 2 inches taller than you and my UGW is 93. I think I'm gonna do this with you! Good luck!

  6. Um yes! Congratulations, work that outtttt. So do you wear leggings or skirts instead of jeans?