Thursday, October 28, 2010

So yesterday I would say I had around 800 calories max which I think is pretty good. I'm really proud that I didn't binge AND i didn't get those fries :)

Unfortunately, I'm up to 103.8 lbs. I suppose it could be much worse, and I think it's pure justice that I'm exactly at my pre-binge weight. Really wish I could have kept going to a complete 3 full days. 72 food free hours. It's bugging me :(

I've read up on why I felt so terrible and I think it's because I had *really* low blood sugar levels. I had a lot of the symptoms and one of the causes: not eating. Haha. Well. Anyway I've been recommended to have a little honey next time for glucose which sounds perfect. 1 tablespoon is the usual serving but I'll probably have 1 teaspoon instead which is 20 calories. I can deal with that, although I don't know if I could really call it a perfect fast if I do have it... Something to think about. Anyone else know how I can prevent my blood sugar levels from crashing *without* eating?

Still debating whether I should do a 36 hour fast today or eat 200 calories max. I'm definitely leaning towards a fast :) Even if it was only for 24 hours. I already miss the feeling of my stomach being so flat and how I was totally empty of EVERYTHING.

It's funny. Every time I reach a new low I start to think that it's not good enough and I want to go lower. Remember how I kept saying I wanted to be in the 104's? Now I think that's shit and I'm dying to go back down to the 102's... It's messed up that I can't even be happy about my weight for more than 5 minutes.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention but I've bought Apple Cider Vinegar and I am once again at a loss as to how I should consume it. I tried putting it in my water and it seriously tastes like shit. I had to dump the water out x_x Grr. It's hard to figure out how to incorporate all these supplements. On another note, my desk looks quite strange because I have 3 1.5L Water Bottles, a box of Lipton Green Tea, Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper, and now the ACV. I could run an apothecary soon enough hahaha.

*morbid.diathesis - Aw thank you, although it seems I haven't lost as much as I thought considering my new "maintenance weight"!
*Isobel - Yes definitely! It *was* rather lonely doing this for the first time by myself :) I'm sure we can get past a measly 60 hours next time!
*EvaPuedeVolar - Juice fasting is a great idea. How many calories did you allow yourself per day? And I'm glad my comment cheered you up a little, a big part of being in this community is to be there for each other through our high's and low's :)

Only 4 more days to reach 101.


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