Thursday, October 21, 2010

THE GOOD: Completed a successful fast today.

THE BAD: I weigh 106.4 lbs.

THE UGLY: Roommate changed her mind about sushi. Pissed at myself and pissed at her for letting me get the idea that I could "let" myself binge over something that didn't even happen.

My weight graph on shows me that I've been gaining less weight after every binge which is very relieving to me. Plus, these one day fasts have been really easy. I'm DYING to see how long I can go but the sensible side of me says that I would only be setting myself up for another binge. I have to maintain order over my body because if I can't even manage this much then... I can't possibly control anything else.

I also exercised more than usual and got my heart rate up. I'm achy now but I love it! It's just another sign that hard work gets you somewhere. I did:

-5 sets dumbbells
-100 squats
-50 lunges
-50 crunches
-50 leg lifts
-100 jumping jacks
-25 single leg lifts

Actually, now that I've written it all out here it kind of looks pathetic. Like I should have done a lot more. Still, to me this was a pretty hardcore workout haha. It sucks that I have to arrange doing these exercises when both of my roommates are either not at the apartment or are sleeping. Don't want to give them another reason to suspect me.

I'm doing 200 calories tomorrow with the exact same plan as on Monday although I think I'll cut down the cinnamon and cayenne pepper to 1/4 teaspoon instead. There just isn't enough food to realistically incorporate these spices without feeling like I'm torturing myself lol.



  1. wow, 200 cals! awesome! don't push yourself too hard though hun, be safe!

  2. Probably quite a good idea not to fast for too long, you're right you may binge- I always do :)!xxx