Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ughhhhhhhh 107.8. I'm hoping all this fluctuating is just water weight and that I'll be back down again by tomorrow. Tuesday I decided to be stupid and go get a subway sandwich because apparently they are totally healthy. Well guess what. It was like freaking 500 calories for one half (that wasn't even good) and I was so upset about going over that I ate the other half too to reach 1160 for the day. FML!

So I compensated yesterday by only having 410 instead of 800 and today I have it all planned out for 430 calories which should put me back on track as long as I have precisely 400 tomorrow. I'm going to have to eat "normally" again this weekend because it's my roommate and best friend's birthday so she's expecting me to come out for her two separate dinner's. Sigh. I'm also supposed to go to this really big party tomorrow which of course means alcohol. I have no idea how I'm going to dodge this one, I'll just have to hope that no one will bother questioning me as long as I have a cup in my hand that I discretely dump in the bathroom every once in awhile haha.

I'm still wondering if I should donate blood today because since I'm now only 2 lbs away from the requirement (110) there's no reason for me not to... Except that I'm afraid I'll get sick like the last time I donated which, I can promise you, was an excruciating process.

Oh and btw, it turns out that I only got a 75 on that test I was studying for. Granted, it was Organic Chemistry but I'm so pissed. I really worked my butt off for it. I hope the professor curves it reallyyy high so I can get in the upper 80's? Probably wishful thinking.

Lastly, my roommate noticed that I was staring at myself in the mirror while I was changing and she said in a knowing voice: "You're not satisfied with yourself, aren't you". I should mention that this was after she saw my weight on the scale this morning (which she considers to be "skinny") and I couldn't say anything back because it was true. Hm.

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  1. I know this blog entry is all the way from back in September, but I just had to comment: the more I read your blog, the more excited I get because you mention so many tiny things that I completely understand! Like Organic Chemistry! Granted, I haven't taken Organic Chemistry yet, but considering the medical path my parents are urging me toward, I'm bound to encounter Organic Chem in the next few years.

    I absolutely hate water weight too. I know water is 0 calories and supposed to be a diet "staple" but I just can't bear seeing the number on the scale jump whenever I drink too much water. Especially since it seems to take forever for me to get the excess water out of my system. ): And same with Subway sandwiches. I used to order tuna or turkey Subway sandwiches, thinking I was being oh-so-healthy. Yeah, then I found out my tuna sandwich was an entire 530 frickin' calories! No more subway for me.

    Again, sorry for the random, irrelevant comment on your past blog post. I just had to comment, since I completely agree with your sentiments here. :)