Saturday, September 18, 2010

Family dinner's should be banned. I couldn't get out of one tonight so I tried to order the healthiest item on the menu, grilled salmon and spinach. I was only intending to eat a little but of course, once I started I couldn't stop until I ate all the spinach and about 3/4 of the salmon. I feel SO bloated right now. My 330 calorie day was a total failure, and I have to eat out again tomorrow. This is so frustrating.

However, I was really pleased when my dad asked me if I got skinnier, and both my sister and mom said it looked like I lost weight too. This is a really cool considering I only last saw them a week ago. They all also agreed that I shouldn't lose any more weight but... Well, I'm not about to stop now!

I desperately want to weigh myself but I know I'll be devastated by the number. Instead I'll try to do some exercises before I go to sleep, because even though I'm dead tired I know I'll seriously regret passing out on a full stomach.

My new plan for tomorrow is simply not to eat anything until dinner time. I'll take my friend out for sushi so I can at least pick the rice off, and I really want to take her to this amazing dessert spot so I'll have to be prepared for that as well. Ugh, there should be calorie listings on EVERY menu. It's so hard to plan these outings when I don't even know how much crap I'm consuming.

My "binge" day is definitely off, considering how much I ate tonight. But I do find it weird how even though I get really hungry when I don't eat a lot, it still feels wayyy more satisfying than how full I feel right now. I feel disgusting and my stomach looks like it expanded another two inches. I just want to SCREAM!!!

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