Tuesday, September 28, 2010

106.8 106.8 106.8! I have no idea how I did it. From Friday to Sunday I was just eating everything that I thought looked even remotely good although luckily my stomach shrunk so I couldn't eat much but still... Those 3 days were hell. Then yesterday I took an Adderall because I have a huge test today and it definitely made me not want to eat anything. Unfortunately the side effects are pretty strong for me so I can't really take it as often as I would want to :(

Yesterday was my 400 day but I only ate 360 (before taking the Adderall) and today is my 600 but I literally have no food in my fridge which is so annoying... My 600 and 800 days are getting harder and harder to fulfill just because there really isn't much of anything that I want to eat (unlike at my house where my dad is always baking and my mom always has something delicious made).

Even though I'm so ecstatic about being 106.8 lbs I can't help but feel like it's just water weight rather than actual loss of fat because I can tell that I haven't gotten thinner around my arms, legs or stomach. I ordered a tape measure online so hopefully I can finally tell for myself.

I've also given up on being able to get to a gym for at least awhile, so I've been doing strengthening exercises at my apartment with 8 lb dumbbells which I'm hoping will make me more tone. But now I'm not doing any cardio at all which is a problem... Maybe it's a good thing, because I think I'm starting to get muscles in my legs which I really, REALLY don't want!

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