Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ugh I'm finally back on track. Monday I had 900 cal which was clearly over 800, but i compensated yesterday by only having 500 and today I had 400. Tomorrow is 200 cal, and I'm trying to think of what variations I can eat but still stay in the limit.

On another note, Fiber One Honey Cluster's tastes wayyy better than the original that I was eating, and it still has 13g of fiber! I also found frozen broccoli and cauliflower that's only 30 cal per cup which I'm so excited about because they are like the only vegetables I can eat completely raw. I'm still trying to think about how to raise my protein count and I think it's about time I started eating tofu. The only problem is that I can't eat it raw unless it's fried or with a side serving of rice... Both of which cannot be done. I'll have to think of something.

As for my weight, I shot back up to 109.4 lbs. I'm so disappointed in myself. It's already my 2nd week and this number means that I've only lost about 1 lb so far which is just pitiful. After this week, I think I'll make it a little more difficult for myself by doing a 1357 diet instead of the 2468 I've been doing if there aren't any improvements in my weight.

It's ironic but every night I have a hard time going to sleep because I keep thinking about what my weight will be in the morning, and even though I want to sleep faster so that the next day will come I just can't. There's no way to win x_x

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