Friday, September 24, 2010

YES I'm 107.8 lbs!! I haven't weighed this little for two years now. It's so exciting :)

Unfortunately, I have to go home for today and tomorrow which means I'll have to eat "normally" in front of my parents. I'll just have to limit as much intake as I can and hope that I don't gain weight by Sunday (which is the next time I'll be able to weight myself). Today was also supposed to be my 400 cal day but it'll also have to wait for Sunday.

I had a really hard time going to sleep last night and now I'm up at 7 am without the help of an alarm clock which NEVER happens. I think (think!) that my body is going through ketosis which is why I feel so uncomfortable. So yay again!

It'll be almost two weeks since I've started this diet and I've lost about 3 lbs which is considered "healthy" by anyone's standards. This statistic will definitely be helpful if anyone starts getting on my case, such as my mother when I finally go and get a checkup at the doctor. My last official weigh-in by a doctor was around 112 lbs. 112!! What an awful awful number.

I won't let anything or anybody stop me from getting thin.

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