Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today's the 3rd day of my 2-4-6-8 diet, or more specifically, 8-6-4-2. I've already planned out my whole day to include:

-1 cup General Mills Fiber One (120 cal but 14g of fiber!!)
-1 slice Multigrain Bread (80 cal)
-1 medium Apple (72 cal)
-3 slices Hillshire Farm Chicken Breast (30 cal)
-8 oz Trop50 Orange Juice (only 50 cal with tons of vitamins and minerals!)
-1/2 slice Part-Skim Milk Mozzarella Cheese (30 cal + calcium)
-1 dark chocolate hershey's kiss (20 cal because a girl needs something to look forward to)
-all the water I can force myself to drink

Total: 402 cal

Too many carbohydrates and not enough protein for my taste, but I can't afford to be picky when the bread is about to expire. Very unfortunate.

The tricky part is to arrange it so that I'm eating when my roommates are present. They've both mentioned to me that I've either not been eating or have had an obsession with food that is "unhealthy". Which doesn't make any sense to me considering that one of them literally does not remember to eat unless reminded and when he does, it almost entirely consists of sugar/chocolate/processed/manufactured foods. And yet he's somehow obnoxiously thin and muscular. It drives me crazy. My other roommate is much the same, she only eats SERIOUSLY unhealthy food (ramen, huge bottles of non-diet coke, chips etc) and only weighs a few pounds more than me. I consider myself lucky to have not developed full blown anorexia by now in this environment.

I also can't exercise seriously because my school fitness center requires a freaking doctor to "declare" a student to be "healthy" enough before they can even take a step onto a treadmill. I thought the whole point of even going to a gym was to get healthy in the first place. What stupid logic. Plus, I don't have a doctor. Go figure. (Note to self: Find a doctor ASAP). Not to mention that private gym's are out of the question due to those damn membership prices. Who can actually afford to spend that much in a month?? Some of them cost what I get in an entire YEAR. Ugh. For the short-term I suppose I'll just have to be on the lookout for those free 1 week trial periods until I can figure something out.

H - 5'2"
W - 110.6 lbs
BMI - 20.27

Ultimate Goal:
W - 101 lbs
BMI - 18.5 (just on the verge of being underweight)

For whatever reason I can't seem to lose these last 10 lbs, and the lowest weight I can ever remember having at this height is 105. However I'm motivated even more by my sister who is not only taller than me, but consistently ranges around 106. I mean, we have similar genes right?? My ultimate goal is not, should not, and will not be impossible.

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