Sunday, September 19, 2010

Yesterday was a complete failure. Ironically enough, at the actual dinner I only had 4 pieces of sashimi with my 1 cup of sorbet, but before and after the dinner I just went out of control and basically ate everything in my sight. I think it's because I did some hardcore volunteer work in the morning on an empty stomach, but when I got back to my apartment I just attacked a bag of popcorn my roommate left out and an entire cob of corn that I had previously decided I would throw out. Then after dinner and my friends left, I ate a whole bag of these little Chinese crackers that my roommate brought back, 5 hershey's kisses, and I even went out specifically to buy a slice of pizza. I went to bed last night feeling like a total fat pig.

I woke up this morning dreading to weigh myself but when I did, it turns out that I somehow not only did not gain weight but actually lost 0.2 lbs to go back down to 108.4 lbs. What a miracle. I couldn't believe it and I kept re-weighing myself but it was the same number each time. I ate so much junk yesterday and I can't explain how this happened but I am SO thankful.

I couldn't make myself count all the calories I ate yesterday so today is definitely my 460 calorie day. Here is what I have planned out:

-1 cup General Mills Fiber One (120 cal)
-1 slice Multigrain Bread (80 cal)
-1 medium Apple (72 cal)
-8 oz Trop50 Orange Juice (50 cal)
-4 slices Reduced Sodium Turkey Breast (60 cal)
-1 slice Sliced Lite Cheddar (70 cal)
-2 inner leaf Romaine Lettuce (2 cal)

Total: 454 cal

It feels good to be back on track to losing weight.

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